Help Lusk start an Incredible Edible Network

The Incredible Edible model, developed in Todmorden UK and has three main objectives:

  1. The first is the idea of growing food on unused public spaces throughout the town and allowing anybody to take from them. This enhances the community, brings it together and transforms and educates peoples relationship with the environment and food.
  2. The second is supporting local food firms, whether its local food producers, distributors or restaurants, the goal is to help establish a robust and healthy local economy that can provide for the community
  3. The third objective is learning, striving to engage with schools, local farmers, and businesses by sharing knowledge and passion for food growing and cooking.

Lusk is one of the main food growing regions in Ireland and has an abundance of food producers. Our aim is to work together to promote Lusk as a food region and at the same time bring our community together in a positive way.
We need people to help establish this initiative in Lusk. Its a wonderful way to meet other people in your community, enhance the area or if you have an interest in food or gardening, a great way to indulge your passion.

If you are interested or would like some further information please fill out your contact details in the form below and somebody will get back to you.

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