Lusk's Bulluan Stone

Bulluan Stone Lusk
Today’s picture is of what appears to be a Bulluan Stone located just inside the church gates on the left hand side.
Local folklore often attaches religious or magical significance to bullaun stones, such as the belief that the rainwater collecting in a stone’s hollow has healing properties.Ritual use of some bullaun stones continued well into the Christian period and many are found in association with early churches.
The Bullaun Stone most associated with Lusk is the one from St. MacCullin’s Well located in the back of a garden in Lusk, which has been missing since the 1940s.
It supposedly could cure eye diseases.
Local legend holds that the saint jumped from the top of the nearby Round Tower to the well, and left the impressions of his knees on a stone in the well.
If anybody has any information on the where the Stone currently in the church came from or the possible whereabouts of the one from St MacCullins well would be most interesting. You can contact

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