Lusk Vision 2030

Lusk for Life Strategic Plan

Lusk Vision 2030

A community led approach to the development of Lusk

Lusk continues to face significant residential development pressures and we often hear concerns being raised about community and social infrastructure not keeping pace with the expansion of housing. Lusk is not unique in this regard, many towns face the same challenges. Lusk Vision 2030 provides an opportunity to develop a community led vision of what Lusk should look like and how it should be developed over the next decade. Lusk Community Council has en-gaged planning and architectural consultants, with the assistance of Fingal Leader Partnership to help develop the 2030 Vision for Lusk. The consultants, AP+E in collaboration with Miriam Delaney & Tara Kennedy, is an architect-led collaborative team with a track record in devising, engaging and delivering innovative projects, with distinct expertise in relation to small towns, community engagement and spatial analysis. The team worked together to deliver Free Market, Ireland’s national pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018, and its subsequent national tour and public engagement programme in 2019. Over the coming months, the consultants will be liaising with the community in Lusk to understand the issues that we face in Lusk, what are the priorities for the town and how to present new ideas for the town. They will want to hear your ideas, your concerns and your suggestions on what Lusk 2030 should look like. In general terms this will be a 3 stage process which has already kicked off in January 2021 i.e.Step 1: Initial re-search, listening and gathering input. Step 2: Analysing and translating information, in dialogue with stakeholders Step 3: Presenting and disseminating the report.This will be the first time that Lusk has had the opportunity to create a “community first” voice and vision for our town and Lusk Community Council is particularly delighted that we have been able to engage with consultants with specialist architectural and planning expertise to make this happen. Lusk Vision 2030 will be a collective vision that needs your community input.


Lusk Community Council 2021

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