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Lusk Action Group

Sustainable planning for Lusk

Lusk Action Group

Working For Our Community
Lusk Action Group

Lusk Action Group has been formed to be a collective voice for the community of Lusk in relation to how our town is developed. It is our intention to support the Community council in their efforts, to foster community spirit, and to support all local effort so that we may achieve the best quality of life for our great community. Members of our committee are available to discuss any issues of concern. We will do our utmost to create clear channels of communication with Fingal County Council in relation to these issues. We will also do our utmost to achieve open communication with developers in our town, aiming to have our own agenda met. We have a bright vision of Lusk! And we would like to use this vision and yours to better our community.



If you would like to contact Lusk Action Group you can do so below or visit their Facebook page

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